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Oct 18, 2015 · Which translation is a phase shift? d. Which translation gives the graph a new midline? You can translate both vertically and horizontally to produce combined translations. Graphing a Combined Translation Use the graph of the parent function y ˜sin x in Problem 2. What is the graph of the translation y ˜sin (x ˚P) ˛ 2 in the interval 0 "x ... c = phase shift (right or left) d = vertical shift (up or down) In order to graph tangent and cotangent functions using transformations, begin with the parent table of values. The variable A represents the vertical shift. Example 1: Determine the period, phase shift, and the location of the asymptotes for the function . and graph at least two complete periods of the function. The asymptotes can be found by solving Cx + D = π/2 and Cx + D = −π/2 for X. The period of the function is. The phase shift of the function is